Parks Advisory Meeting

Thu, 07/02/2020 - 7:00pm

Parks Advisory Committee meeting coming up Thursday at Cartwright Park 7:00 pm, 1943 S. Franklin, Seaside. 

Bring chairs for social distancing and wear masks please. 

And just to remind you one of the topics involves our 'home-work' of checking out Seltzer Park so we can discuss new and or different ADA paths around the new Vietnam Memorial.  Please read Pam's Minutes below for further details.

Our other topics will include upcoming September 19th Art in the Park Fundraiser and any updates for the Mill Ponds Natural History Park.

Please send me other items for the agenda.

We are not handing out materials at this time. Do make a copy of the June Minutes for yourself plus notes on any changes or corrections and bring them with you.    I will send you a proposed agenda late Wednesday, please print out a copy for yourself if you want or you can read any of this from your phone.