Notice of City Council Public Hearing


On Monday, February 24, 2020, at 7:00 p.m., a public hearing will be held by the Seaside City Council at Seaside City Hall, 989 Broadway, to take testimony regarding the following item: 

19-070ZCA: A proposed ordinance amendment by the City of Seaside to eliminate the parking requirement for small residential dwelling units above ground floor commercial uses within the downtown core area zones, Resort Residential (C2) and Central Commercial (C4). 

They will also be considering a reduction in the required number of off-street parking spaces for smaller (studio, one, & two bedroom) apartments within all zones.  Currently the ordinance requires two parking spaces per dwelling unit, regardless of the size of the dwelling.  The City Council will review the Planning Commission’s recommendation and hear public testimony concerning the proposed amendments prior to making a final decision.

In addition to complying with the provisions in the Comprehensive Plan, review of the ordinance amendment will be conducted in accordance with Article 9 and Article 10 of the Seaside Zoning Ordinance.  These Articles establish the review criteria and procedures for amending the City’s Zoning Ordinance.

All interested persons are invited to attend the meetings and submit oral testimony in favor or in opposition to the request.  During the hearing, individuals that wish to offer testimony will be called to a microphone by the Mayor and asked to state their name and address for the record before they testify.  Written testimony is also welcome and will be submitted to the Council prior to the hearing.  Comments may be delivered to the Community Development Department located at 1387 Avenue U or mailed to 989 Broadway, Seaside, Oregon 97138. 

A copy of the Planning Commission’s recommendation, documents, applicable criteria, and file information are available for review at no charge.  A staff report will be available for inspection 7 days prior to the hearing.  These materials can be reviewed at the Community Development Department and copies of these materials will be provided at a reasonable cost.

Failure to raise an issue at the meeting, in person, or in writing, or failure to provide sufficient details to afford the Council an opportunity to respond to the issue will preclude appeal to the Land Use Board of Appeals on that issue.  For more information, contact Seaside Planning Director, Kevin Cupples at (503) 738-7100. 


Published: February 13, 2020