Community input sought to inventory trees

Effort aims to develop comprehensive list of thriving trees in Seaside

Seaside, Oregon — In an effort to develop a list of the many different flourishing tree species in Seaside, the City’s Tree Board is asking for community help in creating an inventory of healthy trees within the City.

“This inventory will help catalog thriving trees within our community” says Pam Fleming, Tree Board member and landscaper for the City of Seaside. “People are often asking me what tree species would work well in certain areas for certain criteria. It’s been my dream to create this list of healthy trees as a resource for our community.”

Suggesting trees for the inventory doesn’t require you to own the tree, or even know a lot about the tree, but the more information the better for the Board. If you know of a tree, or own one that you think is unique or unusual, but most importantly thriving in our unique coastal environment, send an email to with “Tree Board Inventory” in the subject line. Please include as much information as you can about the tree, including the address of the tree, a photo if possible, specimen/variety, age, etc.

The list will be an ever-evolving and living document, available to the public as a reference for planting or replacing trees. It may also help guide the Tree Board to trees that could be included in the Heritage Tree program.

The purpose of the City Tree Board is to study, investigate, and develop an annual plan for the care, preservation, pruning, planting, replanting, removal, or disposition of trees in parks, along streets, and in other public areas.