ORDINANCE 2015-04 - An Ordinance of the City of Seaside, Oregon, Amending Seaside Code of Ordinance Chapter 110.04: Unlawful, Illegal or Prohibited Businesses not Authorized and Creating a new Chapter 118: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


RESOLUTION #3838 - A Resolution of the City of Seaside, Oregon, Establishing Fees for Medical Marijuana Dispensary License Applications and Associated Background Checks


SCHOOL FOOTPRINT BUFFER AREAS (1000 Feet) - This is a tool provided for use to help locate schools and dispensaries. There may be schools that are not shown on this map, and only the dispensaries that agreed to allow the Oregon Health Authority to publish their locations are listed. An applicant cannot and should not rely on the information provided in this tool as proof that a proposed location is not within 1,000 feet of a school or another dispensary. After you have submitted an application you will be notified by the Oregon Health Authority whether the proposed dispensary meets the criteria for registration. If your location is within 1,000 feet of a school or another dispensary, the Oregon Health Authority will issue you a denial notice that explains your appeal rights. Even if you are issued a registration, if it is determined that a school is located within 1,000 feet, the Oregon Health Authority must revoke your registration.


OREGON MARIJUANA DISPENSARY PROGRAM - Updated rules for the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program