Do you feel truly prepared for the next major tsunami event?  Most of the City of Seaside is within the tsunami inundation zone and it is not about “if” but “when” the next major event will occur.  The question is: Are you ready?  At Community Development we are here to inform you of a proven and successful program we want to introduce to the community of Seaside called Map Your Neighborhood (MYN).  MYN has been proven to save lives in communities where natural disasters are at the highest risk level, Seaside is one of those communities.

MYN was created after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake near the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area. It has been established in 22 states and countless communities around the country. Statistics have shown that 90% of all survivors of a disaster are rescued by other survivors. In a disaster, the neighbors living around you are your most immediate source of help. Traditional 9-1-1 responders (police, fire, medical, and utility) are quickly overwhelmed by demand, when a disaster occurs. Knowing what to do in the first hour (known as the Golden Hour) of disaster response may save a life, reduce the severity of injuries, and decrease the amount of damage that you, your family, and neighbors will endure.  This is especially important in Seaside, because in the tsunami inundation zone, our time is extremely compromised.  In many cases a person may have no more than 20 minutes to reach high ground.

We are looking for neighborhoods or city blocks within Seaside that would be interested in implementing a MYN program.  It all begins with a two hour meeting.  The meeting will be facilitated by Jeremy Goldsmith a RARE/Americorps intern with the City of Seaside.  Materials such as manuals, pamphlets, and other paperwork will be distributed at the first meeting along with the viewing of a 90 minute DVD  on the MYN program.  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA218D92E24E04C53  By the end of the first meeting, you and your neighbors can rest assured that everyone will be better prepared for whatever natural disaster may affect the neighborhood where you reside.

For more information, go to PREP Oregon at http://www.preporegon.org/MYN_overview , or simply call Jeremy at 503-738-7100, or email jgoldsmith@cityofseaside.us. We here at the city want to help kick start this program, so don’t hesitate to contact Jeremy and set up your neighborhood’s first meeting.  Don’t focus on the “if,” concentrate on the “when".  Preparedness can benefit us all.