The Great ShakeOut!

The Great ShakeOut!

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Everyone, everywhere, should know how to protect themselves during earthquakes.  On Thursday, October 15 at 10:15 am millions of participants will practice DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON through the Great ShakeOut.  In an earthquake, you may only have seconds to protect yourself before strong shaking knocks you down, or something falls on you.  What we do to prepare now, before the next big earthquake, will determine how well we can survive and recover.  For Seaside and all of the Oregon Coast, the shaking is our tsunami warning.  We may only have 10-15 minutes after the earthquake to reach high ground and escape the waves.  It’s important to take the extra step now to prepare by having your family contacts established and your grab and go bag at the ready.

Be Ready Seaside!  Everyone, everywhere can participate in the ShakeOut drill! Individuals, families, businesses, schools, government agencies and organizations are encouraged to practice the drill.  Register at to involve your family or organization. You will receive information on how to prepare for earthquakes and what actions to take during and after the shaking, as well as other ShakeOut news and updates.  

Anne McBride

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

City of Seaside