Seaside Emergency Preparedness

Whether it's walking along the beach on a rare sunny day or watching the winter storms come in, the Oregon coast landscape is a beautiful, dramatic place to live or visit. These same dramatic landscapes that draw us to the coast can also pose a safety threat if you are not prepared. Coastal communities routinely experience wind storms, flooding from torrential rains, power outages and fires. Although less frequent and familiar, the Oregon coast is also at risk from a severe earthquake, tsunamis, and landslides. Because of the number of jobs, residences and services located in the tsunami inundation zone, Seaside has been identified as the most vulnerable community to tsunamis on the Oregon Coast.

By taking a few simple steps to inform and prepare yourself, you can limit the risks you and your family face from natural hazards and emergencies. With minimal effort, you can set your mind at ease whether you travel through or live along the Oregon Coast.

Earthquake and Tsunami Preparedness

Learn the difference between a local and distant event, and know what to do if you feel the ground shake. Once you are prepared, you can relax and enjoy the coast. [Read more…]


Tsunami Barrel Program

Beginning in 2008, the City of Seaside has stored barrels of supplies in residents' homes on high ground. [Read more…]



Emergency Warning Systems

Learn about Seaside’s Emergency Warning System, a network of speakers mounted on poles throughout the city to alert the public of distant Tsunami threats and other sudden emergencies. [Read more…]


NOAA Weather Radios

The City of Seaside sells NOAA Weather Radios to city residents at greatly discounted rates. [Read more…]



Text or Email Alerts

Learn how to sign up for text or email alerts from the Seaside Police Department or Clatsop County. [Read more…]




Seaside Evacuation Maps


Tsunami Evacuation Brochure and Map

This map includes the location of all hotels in the city. The design is standardized for all coastal communities, making it ideal for visitors. However, it does not include which bridges have been seismically retrofitted, nor does it include all of the city's evacuation assembly areas.


Tsunami Evacuation and Assembly Map

This map was designed by the Seaside Tsunami Advisory Group, and directs evacuees over bridges that have been seismically retrofitted for a subduction zone earthquake. It also includes all five evacuation assembly areas.


Seaside Tsunami Evacuation Map

This map is available in all the Official Visitor Guides - It's Easy to Seaside Oregon

Interactive Online Tsunami Map

Enter your address and see if your home or work is within the inundation zone for local or distant tsunamis.


Local Resources


STARS - Seaside Tsunami Amateur Radio Society

Seaside is fortunate to have an active HAM radio community. You can email or for more information about getting involved. 


Seaside Public Library

Educational videos and books on tsunami science are available at the library.


Web Resources


The Red Cross, Oregon Trail Chapter

The Red Cross holds regular blood drives, outreach events and youth activities in Seaside. The local chapter's website is a valuable preparedness resource, with mobile apps and preparedness tips.


DOGAMI's Tsunami Clearing House

The Department of Geological and Mineral Industries maintains an online clearing house of education and outreach resources, as well as evacuation brochures for the entire Oregon Coast.




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