Sewer Department

Wastewater Treatment Plant Foreman  - Tony Biamont

Phone:  503-738-6839

Fax:  503-738-2094


Asst. Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator - Brian Lawson

Phone:  503-738-6839

Fax:  503-738-2094


Wastewater Utility Worker  George Whitlock

Wastewater Utility Worker  Matthew Miller

The City of Seaside has been providing wastewater treatment to the community since 1939.  The current treatment plant went into operation in 1986 and was further updated in 2001 with the addition of a high intensity, ultraviolet light disinfection system to replace the City’s chlorine gas canister system.  The plant provides secondary treatment of the City’s wastewater with a design capacity of 2.25 MGD and a maximum capacity of 6.75 MGD.  The City’s average flow is one million gallons per day.  The other bi-product of treatment is bio-solids which are land applied on a City owned farm and on leased pasture lands.  The liquid wastewater processing unit consists of influent screening and grit removal, two oxidation ditches, two secondary clarifiers, and the ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system.  The solids processing unit includes aerobic sludge digestion, gravity thickeners, and lime stabilization.

The Collections Systems for the City faces the challenge of being located largely on low, flat ground with a high water table.  That means that trenches for wastewater mains cannot be very deep which means that sewage cannot be gravity fed to the plant.  The collections system breaks the City into collection basins where sewage gravity feeds to a central collection point and is then conveyed under pressure through force mains to the plant.  The City uses a total of 24 (25 by 2010) pump stations to carry out this task.  The remainder of the collections system is comprised of over 30 miles of gravity sewer main, nine miles of force main, and over 600 manholes.