Planning Commission


The Planning Commission consist of seven members who are not officials or

employees of the City and who are appointed by the Mayor, subject to the

approval of the City Council.


The Planning Commission meets the first Tuesday of every month

to hold public hearings.  Work sessions are generally held on the third Tuesday

of every month.


COMMISSIONERS                                       TERM EXPIRES

Commissioner              VACANCY (Posalski)                            11/01/2020    

Commissioner              Jon Wickersham                                 11/01/2022

Commissioner Chair     Chris Hoth                                          11/01/2022

Commissioner Vice       Robin Montero                                    11/01/2023

Commissioner              Lou Neubecker                                    11/01/2023

Commissioner              Teri Carpenter                                     11/01/2024

Commissioner              Kathy Kleczek                                     11/01/2024